Sunday, April 23, 2006

More evil from the Party of Compassion

When you claim your opponents to be ruthless, evil, heartless people, sometimes people wonder if you are just projecting.

With the democrats, we don't really have to wonder. While they cry tears over standard campaign tactics like quoting your opponent saying stupid things, publishing their voting records, or noting that their policies will help those who seek to do us harm, they regularly resort to physical intimidation, foul language, violence, and juvenile behavior when it suits their purpose.

In the latest example of love and compassion shown by the party of personal destruction, writer, guest commentator, and fellow blogger Michelle Malkin has been forced to move:

After UC-Santa Cruz-Inspired Threats, Malkins Pack Up

Days after receiving threatening emails and finding personal information plastered across the Internet by campus thugs, FOX News Channel contributor Michelle Malkin and her family are moving, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.
In a story published Saturday, Malkin told Sentinel reporter Roger Sideman, "I am now forced to remove one of my children from school and move my family."
Mentioned in the piece, but not properly emphasized, is that SAW intended for public disclosure of their personal information, while Malkin gave no such authorization. After the anti-US military activists saw their numbers widely distributed, they attempted to withdraw them.
For Malkin, her family now bears the brunt of what notoriously- selfish UCSC activists didn't consider (because that would require caring about others): SAW disclosed details that put her children in danger.

Worse, sites like DailyKos, which are frequented and supported by the likes of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, published this information and have supported its release, and many verbal dehumanizing assaults on Michelle and her husband.

So now she has to uproot her family and move, simply because she copied and published a PRESS RELEASE the students had published on their own web site.


Anonymous said...

Payback's a Bitch.

Jason said...

And liberals are very good at making sure their threats come true when exacting their "payback."

As far as I can find, none of the students named in the press release from SAW have had to move to protect themselves and their families.

Well done, liberals!