Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Howard Dean's Child Molester is a Democrat.

I'm reading Commonwealth Conservative, as I do every night, and Chad's got one of his 1-liner posts Howard Dean: the best thing that ever happened to the GOP.

It references an Instapundit reference to opinionjournal, regarding this exchange with Salon's Walter Shapiro:

Shapiro: Governor, from where you sit, is the fact that there will be two caucuses between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary a done deal, or is this still open for negotiation, as to whether there will be caucuses and/or whether New Hampshire will have its traditional unmolested Iowa/New Hampshire role in American history?

Dean: We don't molest anybody. We leave that to the deputy press secretary of the Homeland Security agency.

Anyway, the interesting thing is that OpinionJournal references this blog, which tells us that the molester in question was actually a career civil service employee, and a Democrat to boot. So I guess Howard was wrong, they DO molest people:

Brian Doyle is a career civil servant - NOT a political appointee. Government workers aren't "vetted." Doyle, as a DHS employee probably has a secret or top secret government clearance, but in DC that's hardly a unique commodity. Unless there is some prior history of pedophilia or sex crimes, the background searches and investigation wouldn't have alerted anyone to the possibility that he might get into the kind of trouble he's in now. The kind of hindsight analysis suggesting that the White House should have been "vetting" the civil service employees of their agencies, is laughable considering that the Clinton administration who dogged for years over the FBI files scandal (Filegate). It's also probably illegal...

So what do we know about is Brian Doyle? He's a former long-time Time magazine Washington bureau employee, a civil servant, and a registered Democrat. ***
The image above is a Wizbang created, graphical representation of actual public record voter registration data obtained (in person) this morning. You can see the raw image here, and it's all (somewhat) easily verifiable

I agree with Chad's assessment -- any time Dean speaks, it helps republicans.

UPDATE: Dean is the gift that keeps on giving. In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor, Dean is quoted as saying: "The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics."

Ignoring the constant use of black churches by the left, this can only be a not-so-veiled attack on christians who think they should have a voice in the direction our government takes our country.

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