Saturday, August 12, 2006

Would the Dem's let Leiberman back?

A lot of speculation in the Connecticutt Senate race centers around whether Leiberman might caucus with the Republicans should he win the general election as an independent.

My view is there is no chance of that. Leiberman is a strongly liberal democrat on almost every issue -- much more liberal than the most liberal republican, Lincoln Chafee, who is more liberal than a couple of sitting democrat senators.

The more interesting question is whether the Democrat party itself has any scruples at all. Because if it did, when Leiberman wins as an independent running against the selected Democrat nominee, the Democrats would refuse to let him caucus with their party.

But since I don't think the Democrat leadership values anything other than power, I am certain that, should Leiberman win, they will welcome him back -- if not with open arms, at least with committee assignments.

After all, they won't even RUN a democrat party representative against the OTHER independent running for office, socialist Bernie Sanders. Because the anti-free-market Sanders is much more suited to the Democrat party than the former Democrat Vice President candidate Joe Leiberman.

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