Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm back again.

I stepped out for another trip to real america, this time spending the week down in Colonial Williamsburg (which I guess isn't really the "real america" since it is a re-enactment of the old pre-america).

Nothing happened this time while I was gone, at least nothing serious. Oh, someone else used the "m-word", but it was a democrat so nobody cares, except the guy trying to make us all believe this matters.

Also, Shaun points out gas prices are dropping. Jaded JD (before expiring his blog) noticed that the presidential poll numbers seem directly and inversely tied to the price of gasoline, a theory I mentioned a couple of times before. He raises the idea of a conspiracy to use gas prices to drive up poll numbers for Bush before the next election.

BVBL has some long posts about the continuing saga of Greg B. and the infamous parody pictures. I think I really do care about that but I'm just too tired to read it all and understand it right now. BVBL continues his raking of Rishell, this time for her "interesting" observation about having "confidential" complaints subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and her entire plan for solving the overcrowding problem. And he starts in on Sharon Pandak for her involvement in low-balling county payments for land seized for road-building. I remember the Parson's Farm pickup truck with the thermometer in the back, mentioned by a commenter.

And I note that it seems to be raining here in Manassas, although none of the bloggers I follow seems to have picked up that rather important piece of news. My grass is grateful nonetheless.

Colonial Williamsburg is doing a new presentation about our Revolutionary war (Colonial Williamsburg is generally run years earlier when we still had a cordial relationship with the mother country). We didn't catch all of it, but what I did see was very entertaining and educational. I'm glad we fit it in between theme park visits.

I've finished my summer tour of theme parks. I've still got a trip to Hershey Park next month. This year I hit Paramount Kings Island near Cincinnatti, Ohio. They have a wooden looping roller coaster. Unfortunately it broke. It really broke, in fact, and was shut down for the year -- they hope to have re-inspected the whole thing and fixed all the broken stuff for next year. They had a really cool wooden coaster though called "The Beast".

If I had to predict the fall elections, I'd be a very unhappy person. Fortunately I have no such task assigned to me. But I appreciate everybody else who has taken on this fool's errand. I'm not sure what would be worse for Democrats, losing again after assuring their victory, or actually WINNING and reminding all the voters why they were run out in 1994, because they had no ideas that actually worked.

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