Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bad Reporting by MSNBC, as usual

I'm sitting watching MSNBC at about 12:30pm, and the nice announcer (I won't credit him as a journalist), while talking about Hesbollah launching some 240 rockets into Israel, makes the astoundingly stupid statement:

Some of them hit their targets, one landing right on a house...

Hesbollah rockets are not being aimed at "targets", they are simply being launched into civilian cities (where there are NO active Israeli military actions) in the hopes that they might hit something. But MSNBC seems to think that civilian houses are valid targets, and that Hesbollah is "hitting those targets", nonchalantly confirming the legitimacy of the tactic.

But I can be certain that if Israel hit a civilian house, the report would be that "Israel missed it target and instead killed innocent civilians".

Not that there is an anti-Israel or anti-American bias at MSNBC or anything, it's just that everything they do is exactly what they would do if there WAS such a bias.

Of course, they are also working overtime "explaining" why the "surge in violent islamic extremism" is our fault, and how grateful we should be in america that so many of "our" muslims aren't provoked by our evil ways, and instead are pillars of moderation to be extolled.

We apparently need to be very careful with our domestic policies, lest we "fertilize" a violent part of the american islamic community.

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