Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why are Democrats lying about a Mohawk?

Most of the people in the conversation on the "Allen" controversy are dismissive of the "mohawk/macaca" connection that Wadhams put out.

SO why is it that the democrats supporting Webb are pushing the lie that they guy didn't even HAVE a mohawk? They've been repeating that lie ever since Wadham made his Mohawk comment, even going so far as to put up an "un-mohawk" picture of the guy that they claimed accurately represented what he looked like last week.

But now, Chad Dotson, in a post about the manufactured controversy, has supplied a PICTURE OF THE GUY from last week, one that clearly shows his Mohawk:

In contrast, here's the picture they posted at Raising Kaine:

Since Chad Dotson's picture is contemporaneous with last week's activities, and clearly shows the Mohawk, the question is, what was Raising Kaine trying to do with their picture, which they used to claim that the guy never had a Mohawk and the Allen campaign was making it up.

It is clear that the Webb supporters who have been telling their readers that the guy did not have a Mohawk were misleading us, because he did have a Mohawk. The question is, why are they misleading us, why do they think it's OK to mislead people, and why is it so important to them to mislead us about something as trivially disprovable as a hair cut?

Oh -- and why, when confronted with their deception, do they all seem to change the subject?

For those who haven't made up their minds yet which side is being truthful, I hope this makes it clear. Allen says he didn't mean anything bad by his use of the word, and apologized for it. The Webb supporters can't even tell the truth about the guy's hair cut -- so why should we trust anything else they say?

Given the circumstantial evidence that the Webb staffer wasn't really offended on Friday, and given that nobody who weighs in on this subject has any idea what the word "macaca" meant until they are TOLD by the Webb campaign, I think it's clear which side is being more honest (which I use loosely because I tend to believe that honesty and political capaigns are always a hard mix).

I still don't put much trust in political campaign staff, Wadham included, but apparently he was telling the truth about the Mohawk, and the Webb side was not.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the fact that the slur was so obscure that it took time to decipher makes it worse for Allen, not better. It makes the fact that Allen just HAPPENS to have the same very obscure background in which that slur has meaning pretty darn relevant.

As for the haircut, it seems like both pictures are accurate, and the Webb folks simply don't buy the mohawk thing. I can see it either way really: I wouldn't call that mohawk, but I don't find it implausible that Allen's people would. Unfortunately, that still doesn't help the "he was just saying mohawk" excuse, because mohawk and macaca just aren't words that slide easily into one another.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care?? Allen has said that he made the word up based on nothing. So, apparently, what type of hairstyle the kid had has nothing to do with anything.

Maybe the folks at Raising Kaine wanted a front on shot of the guys face instead of the side shot you have there?? You know, so his face is visible. People tend to like that.

James Young said...

Charles, you might as well have ended that title at "Why are Democrats lying?"

It's what Democrats do.

Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, how desperate. I see from Chad's picture that someone could call his hairstyle a mohawk if they didn't know what else to call it. But RK is perfectly right in saying "it isn't a mohawk" as well, and one could just as wrongly or rightly call it a mullet, so saying they are lying is just trying to change the subject. In the end it makes 0 difference, because macaca sounds nothing like mohawk, and Allen can't keep changing his story about where that word came from fast enough.

Rizelico said...


The point of the matter that you are ignoring, is that George Allen insulted Mr. Sidharth because of his ethnicity. Do you find that acceptable?

Are you so attached to Allen that you can't, even on one occassion, disagree with him?

Anonymous said...

The left wing isn't mis-leading anyone. They are flat out lying and they are so accustomed to being lied to that they think it's normal. Just look at the eight years of total lies from everyone with a 'democrat' attached to them.

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Like WMD in Iraq, John Kerry on the swiftboat, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Bill Frist, and now George "macaca this!" Allen.

Damned libruls!!!

James Young said...
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James Young said...

I'm not sure what to call it, beyond an uncommonly silly haircut.