Sunday, August 13, 2006

Countdown to Ground Zero on History Channel

I don't usually advertise for Cable TV, and I am betting there will be something wrong with this movie.

But it's got a relative in a prominent role, and a cast of non-union actors from Baltimore. Brian Draganuk is the man who got my son hooked up for a part in a YMCA commercial.

Here's the poster:

My cousin-in-law is the guy in the upper left corner.


Judith Knight Young said...

Though this is a non-union project, there are some Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) actors in this documentary/drama. These actors were given permission by their union to perform in "Countdown to Ground Zero" because it did not fall under the purview of SAG or AFTRA rules (I'm unclear of the reason why, but I called the Bethesda SAG office to make certain of that fact before I accepted the role of Susan Rescorla). Also, actors were from MD, DC, and VA (and possibly elsewhere as well). I point this out because you said the actors were non-union Baltimore actors, and I'm sure you want to be accurate in your depiction. Judith Knight Young (SAG / AEA)

Charles said...

Thanks for the correction. I checked the e-mail I got and I did misread it.

Some of the actors were non-union, but not all of them. Nor was that really the important thing, it was that my cousin-in-law was in the movie.

I like the movie, btw.