Saturday, August 19, 2006

The stage is set for the PWC Chair race

Sharon Pandek vs. Corey Stewart.

The republican convention was well-attended, although less than half the registered people showed up. (Brentsville had 2/3rds of our delegates show up). There were no surprises or problems, Greg L's computer setup worked wonderfully (thanks Greg), and everything was cordial and orderly.

Our only "glitch" was the need to take a hand vote to allow 2 delegates who were rejected by the credentials committee because there was no record of them being registered to vote in the state. I presume that, if it turns out they really WEREN'T currently registered, we'll fix that up before the election.

There were fewer people at the democrat convention.

That's all I have to say, I'm sure others have details and information.

The big loser -- I guess Friedman, who looked to have a clear shot at a position he had already said he wanted to run for next year. Then at the last minute another candidate came in, and I believe beat him 70-30%. Ouch.


Charles said...

Wow. By some bizarre circumstance, I'm the first of the local blogs I follow to actually post this information? about stuff that happened over an hour ago?

I'm not bragging about being first, I'm just surprised that all the blogs that DO brag about being first all the time seem to have taken a pass at putting up the convention results first.

Of course, there could be and should be SOME blogs somewhere that I don't read that have this stuff up already. But there is something strange when I'm posting before TC or NLS.

Craig said...

Hey Charles, I don't think that you read my blog... but that's okay, I am not offended.

Charles said...

No I don't, but Greg gave you a mention to me this morning at the convention....

My "blog list" is the list of blogs I read, and I use it to go to the blogs I read each day. That's why there are a lot of good blogs that are not on my list.

Greg L said...

Thanks for the accolades. I wish my software had been more effective in getting the credentials committee report completed, but we did have a lot of human factors we had to deal with.

It;s a good start, at any case in making conventions more about convention business than waiting for process to complete.

Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

Great reports, Charles. I was off in Upstate NY on Saturday, so I had to settle for getting my info from the Potomac News online on Sunday.