Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sometimes, the conventional wisdom is quite wrong

Arrest Made In JonBenet Ramsey Case.

Other later stories are reporting a DNA match. So for now it looks like this is the real deal.
UPDATE 9/3/2006: OK, never believe early news reports on sensational stories. The DNA did not match, and the charges were dropped. And the saga continues.....

So -- how many of you were sure the Ramsey's had murdered their own child? It's OK to admit it, but if so many people were wrong about that, what else could people be wrong about.

I can't count the number of stories, radio shows, tv specials, etc. where person after person commented on the overwhelming evidence that the parent's did it. I tired of being laughed at for arguing that we needed to keep an open mind, that you can't just assume stuff, and I imagine most others who didn't accept the conventional wisdom likewise stopped bothering.

When something like this happens, I find it's a good time to re-assess why you are so quick to jump to conclusions and judgment when you don't have all the facts. It seems to be human nature to come to conclusions unsupported by facts, and to judge others in ways we would never want to be judged.

It is now seen as tragic that Mrs. Ramsey lived the last years of her life having to defend herself against charges of killing her own child -- even while she also had to live with her child being brutally murdered, by someone else as we now know. Think about that -- this woman lost her child, and rather than being comforted, a good portion of the population blamed her for the death.

I still think O.J. Simpson killed his ex-wife. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to believe otherwise.


AWCheney said...

I have to agree with you Charles. Many of the reports that I saw regarding the killing indicated some real police misconduct. There was never a concerted effort made by authorities to investigate alternate suspects and theories presented by other law enforcement professionals, albeit some hired by the Ramseys, no less, and perhaps more, probable than the theory that her parents/father killed the child. My understanding of the information about the crime scene investigation was that it was very poorly handled and then, because of pressure to close the case, the authorities simply focused everything on their own impossible to prove theory which led to the destruction of the rest of the Ramsey family. It was even suggested that they ignored evidence which contradicted them and may have even fabricated evidence to make their investigation more plausible. It was truly unconscionable what they did to those people. That police department was simply ill-equipped to handle the investigation and, out of arrogance or fear, they were determined to MAKE the evidence (and public opinion) cover up their incompetence. Despite all that they were never able to arrest Jon Benet’s parents, which speaks volumes.

What really disturbs me is that the community never came to the family’s aid in any way. One must wonder why there weren’t at least some people there who could consider the possibility that, “but for the Grace of God, there go I.”

Charles said...

Of course, I could have spoken too soon about this "suspect". Rather than change what I wrote, let me just add that this man, JUST LIKE the Ramsey's, deserves to not have us jump to conclusions (I was decieved by the reports of a DNA match, which may in fact be true but may not be).

AWCheney said...

Regardless of whether this latest suspect is, in fact, the perpetrator or not does not in any way diminish the unconscionable manner in which the Ramseys were treated.

AWCheney said...

Actually Charles, I've personally witnessed police misconduct perpetrated in an attempt to wrongly accuse someone of crimes to further someone else's personal agenda. The police are merely human beings...some good, some bad, many who fall in between. As such, we shouldn't be surprised when, occasionally, they fall far short of the standards to which they are, and SHOULD, be held.