Friday, August 18, 2006

What If the World WANTS the islamofascists to win?

We always talk like the world is united against the "islamofascists" and the states that support them, mostly in the middle east.

But what if most of the rest of the world is quite OK with islamofascism, and would rather see them win than us? What if we are not United against a common enemy? What if a majority of the world doesn't think islamofascism is an "enemy"?

That would explain a lot of what we've seen in the last 5 years. And it would portend a much darker, and more dangerous, future than we could possibly imagine.

There is nothing in history that requires that we march from less to more advanced. If anything, there is considerable backlash against the technologically advanced but numerically inferior. And that would be us.

Decaying civilizations of Europe may simply not care anymore about their own grand history and place in the world. They may think peace with the islamists is as good a fate as having to live in our shadow.


Anonymous said...

Europe isn't under the control of a right-wing noise machine like much of America is.

The "islamofascist" threat is entirely overblown, and Europeans correctly recognize that.

Charles said...

They were going to blow up English planes because they didn't like how they were treated in England.

They went on a 2-month car-burning spree in France.

In Denmark, journalists are cowering under death threats.

In London, hundreds died in a tunnel explosion

In Spain, hundreds died in the train explosions.

Somehow, I don't think the Europeans believe the threat is overblown.

I think they just don't believe they have the ability to defeat them, so they are ready to try appeasement.

China will be happy with it, because they have a billion people and can win a war of attrition -- plus they don't have pesky democratic principles to have to live up to.

Just like Saddam could keep the shiites in line by killing their families, torturing their children, locking people up, and generally making their lives miserable.

Which apparently was fine with the democrats, who think things were much better when those shiites were "under control", not like now when they are free to do what they want.

Anonymous said...

Free to do what they want like kill Israelis, right???

Newsflash charlie: