Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm tired of the "why are we in Iraq" crowd.

Over at Virginia Virtucon, an anonymous poster raised the liberal rallying cry "why are we in Iraq" in reply to the post Democrats confess (they can't walk and chew gum at the same time):

Just a reminder for you: Iraq has never attacked us regardless of what you’ve been told.

If we wanted to avenge the September 11th attacks upon the USA we should have destroyed Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Not a single 9/11 high jacker was from or had any connections to the country of Iraq.

I know for certain that we can not fight terrorism by creating more terrorist!

Why are we in Iraq? And why have 2600 of our solders died? Tell me what do we get out of it and how we are more secure invading nations that aren’t even a remote threat to our national security?

I answered thusly:

Iraq has never "attacked us" -- what is that supposed to mean? Iraq invaded a sovereign country, we vowed to defend that country, and Iraq military shot at and killed our soldiers. So don't give me that crap about not being "attacked" by Iraq.

Then Iraq shot at our airplanes enforcing a cease-fire the Iraqi government refused to abide by.

Now Iraq is NOT shooting Scud missles into Israel during a war, which is MUCH MUCH BETTER than it was in the last Gulf war. Iraq isn't sending money to Palistinians who are attacking our ally Israel. Iraq is not destabilizing other countries, stirring up trouble in Saudi Arabia or threatening to unleash biological and chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, Syria is out of Lebanon, Libya has given up its nuclear program, and Iran is SCARED TO DEATH about what is happening in Iraq -- so much so that they encouraged Hesbollah to launch an ill-conceived war which is now decimating Iran's biggest weapon against our friends in the Middle east. All because we freed Iraq from a dictator that was oppressing millions of people.

Saddam would have fallen eventually. If he had fallen without our help, the Shiites in Iraq would certainly have hated us and allied with Iran, and we would be in REALLY REALLY BAD TROUBLE.But because we came to their aid, and gave them their country, we have created a bond with them that will likely keep them allies of us, and unaligned with Iran, and therefore stabilize the region.

"Create terrorists"? We were attacked by terrorists on 9/11, way before we invaded Iraq. People didn't need an excuse to be terrorists, and we aren't creating anything but a chance for freedom for a people who were oppressed by a brutal dictator.

What amazes me is how many supposedly compassionate, liberal democrats seem quite happy with the idea of "peace in the middle east" forged under the hand of a brutal dictator using the blood of women and children tortured to "keep the masses" in line.To hear the democrats talk, Iraq was a wonderful, peaceful place until we got their, and we somehow made all the Iraqi people hate each other -- I call that the Michael Moore fantasy view of the world, an Orwellian fiction of massive proportions.

If we trounced Iran, I could see democrats making the same claims about them in a couple of years "Oh, what did we get for attacking a country that did NOTHING to harm us, what have we gained, what was the point?"Democrats are good at talking, but their capacity for great thinking has been lost through years of neglect. They are left with small ideas for small people -- raise the minimum wage a couple of bucks, give a couple more weeks of unemployment benefits, make sure illegal aliens don't feel like aliens.

8 years of small-minded Democrat policy led to 9/11. And having endured that attack, they now claim that somehow our post-9/11 policies are what is making terrorists hate us, as if the 9/11 attacks never happened.

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