Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WOW. What A Great McCain Rally

Just got back from attending the McCain/Palin Rally with my daughter. Fred Thompson was there -- he's my daughter's favorite. Palin Rocks. McCain is McCain, but he's hitting a lot of great points that don't irritate us.

He had two women speak first. One was a former Obama supporter who owned a small business -- McCain won her over. The other was a die-hard Democratic Hillary supporter who seemed very upset that the Democrats didn't pander to her gender enough, and so she jumped to McCain because he picked Palin. Hey, a vote is a vote, and she said she'd talk one person a day into voting for McCain.

Fred Thompson of course was his usual great self. He said Obama was the "change" candidate because he kept changing his positions.

Cindy McCain spoke briefly. Todd didn't speak. I wonder if they will ever let him speak.

I don't do crowd estimates. I stopped counting at 100. That was the number of people I saw walking with me down the street to get into the line that seemed to have thousands.


Anonymous said...

Why did the republicans refuse to let Keith Fimian speak at the rally, even as a quick intro?

That silence speaks volumes about the GOP wanting Fimian to become invisible.

Obviously Fimian is a disaster, he is no Tom Davis.

Charles said...

It was a McCain/Palin rally. They did not have ANY other current candidates speak.

My guess is this makes it easier for campaign finance purposes.

If a candidate for office spoke, they'd have to split the bill among them, and it would be hard to figure out who should report what.

So all the people that spoke were people who were NOT running for office.