Sunday, September 28, 2008

The difference between a leader and the Obama succubus.

Obama is a succubus, doing nothing except living off of the acheivements and ideas of others. If anything good happens, he takes credit. If something bad happens, he has no idea what you are talking about.

McCain is a leader.

You can see this on the bailout. When McCain is asked if he should get credit for the final bill (and believe me, he deserves all the credit for backing the house Republicans and making this a much better bill, AND bringing everybody to the table to make it happen), McCain refused to give himself any credit.

Meanwhile, Obama not only takes all the credit, but he specifically says McCain doesn't deserve any credit.

Obama never learned about not blowing your own horn. Obama is his own orchestra. Obama needs more hands so he can slap himself on the back more.

Fox News covers the ever-bragging, never-acheiving Obama:

WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said Sunday his Republican rival deserves no credit for helping to forge a tentative agreement on the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.
Instead, Obama said he deserves credit for making sure the proposal includes safeguards for taxpayers. Obama said he is inclined to support the bailout because it includes increased oversight, relief for homeowners facing foreclosure and limits on executive compensation for chief executives of firms that receive government help.

The sad thing for Obama is that, if he just waited a day, the Media would give him all the credit anyway, because the media is entirely in the tank for Obama. He didn't HAVE to falsely claim credit, the Media would have done the work and he could has said "oh, shucks", except I doubt he even knows what that means.

The story instead slaps Obama down for his self-aggrandizement:

The safeguards were supported by many in Congress, including Democrats and Republicans.

Obama asked for what everybody wanted. That's what Obama does -- he never seems to do the hard thing.

Meanwhile, McCain is being a true leader, from This Week:

Stephanopoulos: "What role did you play? How were you helpful do you believe in the process?"

John McCain: "I will let you and others be the judge of that. I did the best that I could. I came back because I wasn't going to phone it in. America is in a crisis of almost unprecedented proportions. I should be doing whatever little I can to help this process. I'm a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. I got to get in the arena when America needs it, and if that judgment wants to be made whether I helped or hurt, I'll be glad to accept the judgment of history. But I'm never going to not get engaged when the taxpayers and middle class of America are in danger of losing everything literally that they've worked all their lives for. I'm going to be out working on it. I won't claim a bit of credit, okay, if that makes them feel better. But I'm going to be there working and trying to help solve this crisis. And I'm proud of John Boehner and Roy Blunt and Adam Putnam and all of the guys and men and women, Marsha Blackburn and others who in the House of Representatives stood up and got into these negotiations and became part of the solution."

McCain came to Washington when Obama said "call me if you need me". The democrats realized Obama was making a fool of himself, and called him in to "speak" for them. That nearly derailed the meeting and the bailout. It took serious work by McCain to undo the damage, while the democrats ran around playing politics. Eventually, we got rid of all the left's playtoys, and McCain deserves all the credit, even though he won't take it.

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