Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reid calls Palin "Shrill" -- ever heard a man called "shrill"?

Apparently the guys at CNN haven't. They are actually noting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may just be sexist.

CNN confirmed Senator Reid was personally calling Palin shrill. The whole panel admitted that "shrill" is a smear used against women, not men.

After the break, Paul Begala thought better of it and said that there would only be a problem if they called Sarah Palin a bitch. Needless to say, even Campbell Brown couldn't stand for that.

The problem Palin presents to the Democrats is, how do they attack her? They are so used to just being able to launch offensive personal attacks and get away with it. But everything they do just comes across as sexist and crude. The Hillary voters noted that during the primary, and it's continuing now, and the media which is trying to help Obama out with their own attacks are also falling into the same sexist tripe.

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