Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Hasn't Obama apologized and pulled the Ad?

Why do you think it is that Obama has not come out, apologized for mocking a war hero for his injuries, and had the advertisement pulled?

Surely he must know that this could be a campaign-killer. How many candidates for President would survive making fun of a man for his disabilities?

Imagine if the Republicans really had run an advertisement making fun of Max Cleland because he couldn't "run as fast as Max Chambliss"?

That's what Obama just did -- he mocked McCain because he couldn't type on a computer, and dirisively said this meant McCain was a technical illiterate.

Obama must know this. He must know he can't say it was a mistake, because it was an actual campaign commercial. It was planned, researched, and he personally approved it. He can't say they just messed up, because that would admit that they ran an ad without thinking -- and since he just said that we should see how he runs his campaign for proof he's ready to lead, it would look bad.

Plus, he can't be the post-partisan candidate if he's seen mocking his oppoents for his personal injuries.

So he has to apologize. He must know this. So what is he waiting for?

Doesn't this show that Obama is indecisive? Presidents must make quick decisions. It's taking Obama over 5 hours to figure out he needs to apologize for mocking McCain's war injuries?

If it takes him 5 hours for this decision, how is he ready for that 3am phone call?


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't he pulled it? Because the "war injuries" claim - which did not originate from McCain - is flat out untrue.

After Vietnam, he qualified to fly jets, which last I checked takes more physical dexterity than using a mouse. There are photos of him punching numbers into cell phones.

Then there is Stephen Hawking - he's quite a bit more disabled than McCain, and yet he uses a computer just fine.

I respect and appreciate the sacrifices McCain made as a POW, but that's not why he has problems adjusting to the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the umbrage. Enough with the taking offense. Enough with the demands for apologies.

Suck it up. Take it like a man. I'm sure John McCain can handle the criticism. Stop whining.

Charles said...

Oh, I hope Obama takes your position on this.

I provided two citations for the war injuries, and if you want to argue that McCain wasn't actually injured, you are wrong.

BTW, I am not sure about his qualification to fly jets right after he was released. But maybe you hadn't thought of this -- damage to joints becomes debilitating as you get older.

But if Obama wants to simply mock old people for arthritis, he could take that tack as well. After all, he'll get the young clueless vote.

The problem with your argument is that Obama would have to specifically NOT apologize, and argue that he doesn't have to apologize for ridiculing his opponent because Obama doesn't really believe that McCain is too hurt to type easily.

And Obama would have to further argue that no apology is needed for mocking a man who has worked on technological issues in the senate for years, because everybody in the Senate (including democrats like his VP candidate) were too stupid to see that McCain was actually clueless when it came to technology).

Since McCain was known in 2000 for his use of the internet and emerging technology, NOT apologizing not only makes Obama look stupid, it also reinforces how his complete lack of experience makes him a danger to our country -- he doesn't know or care about history enough to gain context for his actions.

Charles said...

I'm sure most people who are insulted can "take it like a man".

And I imagine when Obama is in a touch negotiation with some foreign leader, and he gets mad about how it's going, and starts insulting the guy, the world will say "take it like a man".

BTW, ever wonder why we don't say "take it like a woman"?

Anonymous said...

BTW, ever wonder why we don't say "take it like a woman"?

How dare you make such a sexist suggestion! Clearly, you're suggesting rape imagery and I'm offended. I demand an apology to all women.

Charles said...

So, "take it like a man" implies being strong and courageous, and "take it like a woman" to you means lay down and let them walk all over you.

And you say that I'm sexist in some way?