Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jacobsen should learn about his candidate before writing

Today Gary Jaobsen announced that the election was over and Obama had won. Hopefully, the people who read his column will believe him and stay home.

Anyway, he then devoted the bulk of his column to what Obama would do. In some cases he was correct, and hopefully those reading will be scared enough to vote for McCain. But in at least one case he is completely wrong about Obama's position on an issue -- which is kind of embarrassing. After all, when even Obama's ardent supporters have no idea what he has promised, it kind of shows that they aren't really interested in what he will do after all.

From the Potomac News column "Obama's First One Hundred Days":

Disestablish the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Under pressure from religious fundamentalists, Mr. Bush established this office through executive order on Jan. 29, 2001. Its sole purpose has been to aid religious groups in obtaining government contracts to provide a wide range of social services. Many have criticized the OFBCI as an unconstitutional government support of religious activities. President Obama will cancel it with a mere stroke of a pen.

Oops. Here is Obama's REAL position on the Faith-based initiatives, part of Obama's pandering to try to win evangelicals even though he believes in killing babies so his children aren't punished: Obama backs Faith-based Initiatives:

Today, Barack Obama announces that as president he would expand faith-based initiatives started under President Bush.

Or here, where the left-wing Huffington Post has an author who attacks Obama for supporting this program:

I always disliked Karl Rove's Republican patronage system that masqueraded as federal "Faith-Based Initiatives." Barack Obama's apparent embrace of this blurring of the line between Church and State, like his stand on the FISA bill and other moves lately, is a disappointment.
Obama's decision to embrace Bush's "Faith-Based Initiatives" will also fail.

Usually, Gary gets his facts right and his opinions wrong. This time he was wrong on both.

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JTylerBallance said...

The Democratic Party is all about patronage. Patronage for Trial Lawyers, for the GLBTs, for the Unions, so why not add a little payola to buy off the televangelists? Its a perfect fit.

Republicans, at least in the modern era, were supposed to be the, "Party of Principle" where everyone had a fair chance of success, based solely on MERIT, at least up until that blatant tokenist anointing of Tammy Faye Palin as the VP nominee.

Now, nobody can be sure just what the GOP stands for. As for the Democrats, nobody ever knows what the Hell their candidates will actually do in office, anyway, so either way, in November, America will be looking at four years of uninspired, incompetent occupation in the White House.

Let's pray that the Republic can bounce back in 2012.