Sunday, September 14, 2008

When Will Obama Apologize for Mocking McCain's War Injuries?

This story is beginning to pick up steam. Of course, it Obama was a Republican, the Washington Post would have already ran 3 front-page articles about it (remember Macaca).

Some on the left have insisted that, since McCain didn't say it personally, that his war wounds aren't really the reason he doesn't do his own typing.

Well, Jack Tapper at ABC news has picked up the story. And he notes how reluctant John McCain was for him to report it:

Assuredly McCain isn't comfortable talking about this -- and the McCain campaign discouraged me from writing about this -- but the reason the aged Arizonan doesn't use a computer or send email is because of his war wounds.

I realize some of the nastier liberals in the blogospher will see this as McCain once again "playing the POW card," but it's simply a fact: typing on a regular keyboard for any sustained period of time bothers McCain physically.

He can type, he occasionally does type, but in general the injuries he sustained as a POW -- ones that make it impossible for him to raise his arms high enough to comb his hair -- mean that small tasks make his shoulders ache, so he tries to avoid any repetitive exercise.

Again, it's not that he can't type, he just by habit avoids when he can repetitive exercise involving his arms. He does if he has to, as with handshaking or autographs.

Now, Jack wants to be as fair as possible to Obama, so he offers that they might not have known this:

It's certainly possible that the Obama campaign did not know this, since McCain makes it sound in interviews as if this is a matter of choice, not discomfort because of his war wounds.

"I read my e-mails, but I don't write any," McCain told Fortune Magazine in 2006. "I'm a Neanderthal - I don't even type. I do have rudimentary capabilities to call up some websites, like the New York Times online, that sort of stuff. No laptop. No PalmPilot. I prefer my schedule on notecards, which I keep in my jacket pocket."

When this happened Friday, I was willing to believe this. At that time I thought the story was that Obama was mocking McCain but had been unable to use Google to find the facts.

But it's Sunday now. Obama certainly knows the truth -- he certainly had people who heard Mark Levin Friday, he's read the e-mails and the blogs. He KNOWS now that he has falsely attacked McCain, and mocked his war wounds.

But Obama still has NOT APOLOGIZED. Obama KNOWS, and hasn't pulled the ad, and hasn't apologized.

Jack Tapper is being way to kind to Obama. Of course, a lot of the media is -- because Obama needs to be treated with kid globes, due to his inexperience and lack of ability to be President.

Unfortunately, our enemies won't take it easy on Obama when he messes up -- as he does often on his campaign which he says we should use to decide if he is able to be President.

Fortunately, now that it's hit the major news outlets, this story might actually get to the common man. I know the media is doing their best to keep a lid on ALL of Obama's mistakes. But at some point they will have to come clean.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that "Jack" Tapper sure did a good job with digging out the story.

"Oh, my fingers hurt so much from the typing. It's so hard. Please don't make fun of me. I was a POW, you know."

You don't say.

Anonymous said...

Obama does not have enough character to appologize. He is "believing his own press"