Sunday, September 07, 2008

Proof the Media is in the Tank for Obama

If you are so clueless that you still don't believe the media is pulling for Obama, you need to watch this snippet with George Stephanopolis and Barack Obama this morning:

Obama is having to admit that John McCain has never claimed Barack was a Muslim. So he says: "What I was suggesting is, You are absolutely right that John McCain has not, uh, talked about my Muslim faith, and you're absolutely right that is not come....

Then George Stephanopolis, not understanding Barack's statement, and wanting to save his behind, corrects him, saying "your CHRISTIAN FAITH", which momentarily throws off Obama and he repeats, "my Christian faith", before he remembers what he was talking about and notes that "what I am saying is that he has not suggested that I'm, um, that I am a Muslim."

The point being that Stephanopolis THOUGHT Barack had just said he had a Muslim Faith, and realising that this would be bad for Barack, told Barack to fix what he had said, to correct him.

It's clear George would do anything to help Barack, even correct his errors for him, just like he was Barack's Campaign staff or something. Which he really is, just that he's employed by ABC.

BTW, this YouTube is also another GREAT example of how, when you get Barack Obama away from a teleprompter, he is an idiot. But that's really a story for my other blog.


People Power Granny said...

Well, the Swift-Boaters" are really plugged in, and are in full force with "proof" that Obama spoke of "my Muslim faith" in an interview show this Sunday. He was speaking of his "alleged" faith, but that makes no difference to the evil-doers out there. They took their little snippet and are going to town with it all over youtube. What do you guys think about all this? I give my point of view at People need to start thinking critically in this election.

Charles said...

I think people who think Barack was talking about his muslim faith are wrong. It's clear from the audio that he was simply trying to backpedal from his rediculous claim that Republicans were calling him a Muslim.

George asked him about it, and Obama had to admit that neither McCain, nor his campaign, nor the RNC, was saying that he had a Muslim faith.

If I were a Muslim, I might be getting a bit annoyed by now at how vehemently Barack complains about being called a Muslim by a few bloggers on the internet, like Barack thinks there is something radically bad about being a Muslim.

BTW, I was listening to Mark Levin tonight, one of those "far-right talk-show hosts" who Barack or his supporters claim calls him a Muslim. He spoke directly about this incident, and clearly said that Obama was NOT saying he was a Muslim.

Odd how George Stephanopolis, the left-wing Democrat, thought Obama called himself a Muslim, but the far-right talk-show host understood exactly what Barack was saying.

Mosquito said...

Ridiculous claim that Republicans are spreading the lie that Obama is a muslin?

ROFL--The Republicans are the ones who gain by this rumor being spread so it is being spread by someone connected with the Republican party.

Do you seriously think the American people are dumb enough to swallow this?

Charles said...

"The Republicans" refers to the Republican campaign of McCain, the National Republican Party.

Argue with Obama. He was the one who was explaining to George that he knew McCain's campaign wasn't part of it.

And it was George who misunderstood and thought Obama "accidentally" said "Muslim faith" instead of "Christian faith". But Obama spoke correctly.

Mosquito said...

Come on Charles....

Everyone knows that Rove often uses folks who are wealthy to set up groups who are "outside" of the official campaign so they can smear the opposition. The massive email campaign continues to spread that Obama is really a Muslim....

Rove is not only working for Fox news he's also working for the McCain campaign (this was suspected for some time but was only recently admitted to). Just more prrof that Fox News is biased. This is the stuff that makes Fox News the news channel that Dick Cheney wants to watch.

As far as George Stephanopolis goes...IMO, He is not an investigative journalist and I think he does a lousy job interviewing folks. But he's a pretty face and he's like the rest of the pundits...doing the job the way the corporate bosses want it done.