Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Welcomes Donor who stormed stage at RNC Convention

Barack Obama is always talking about a "new kind of campaign". Well, that seems to include welcoming campaign supporters who steal press credentials and storm the stage at the RNC convention.

Here is part of the guest list for Obama's $28,000 a plate elitist fundraiser:

Table No. 29 Jodie Evans, Amanda Fairey, Shepard Fairey, Ellen Grinstein, Rami Kolahi, Ken Luskin, Jonathan Palevsky, Max Palevsky, Sylvie Rabineau, Frank Smith

Jodie Evans is the Code Pink activist who, as reported here, stole credentials from an RNC delegate, and used them to illegally enter the convention, where she STORMED the stage during Palin's address, and had to be subdued by Secret Service agents.

But apparently Obama supports this woman's actions, because far from returning her donations, he invited her to give more money.

And according to this report, Obama shook posed for pictures with the guests and shook their hands. There were no reports of anybody storming his stage while he spoke.

The event gave Obama a chance to make another stupid statement, when he said to a group of people sitting OUTSIDE in a COURTYARD:

“is about those who will never see the inside of a building like this and don't resent the success that's represented in this room, but just want the simple chance to be able to find a job that pays a living wage.”

Turns out the courtyard they were in is opened to the public, and even the building he was talking about has public tours one month a year. So it seems that anybody who could afford a trip to California could see the inside of a "building like this".

It's nice of Obama though to presume that all of his supporters don't resent the multi-millionares spending thousands of dollars on dinner while they worry about their mortgages and bank accounts which are threatened because Obama's friends made bad loans and Obama and the Democrats stood in the way blocking McCain's efforts to correct the problem before it was too late.

Obama IS the candidate for people who have no ambition, have no desire to move up in life, and want nothing more than government to guarantee them a minimum wage and punishment for the wealthy, so long as they aren't Democratic supporters.

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