Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are there Two Joe Bidens running for Vice President?

I ask because here is this video from September 3rd in Florida, where Joe Biden, VP candidate, is clearly seen promising that a Biden/Obama administration will pursue criminal action against the Bush administration officials:

The Guardian picked up the story:

When asked during a campaign event in Deerfield Beach, Florida, whether he would "pursue the violations that have been made against our Constitution by the present administration", Biden answered in the affirmative.
"We will not be stopped from pursuing any criminal offence that's occurred," he continued, going on to praise congressional committees for the deliberate pace of their inquiries into alleged Bush administration misdeeds.

But then, here is a video of a Fox interview where Biden explicitly denies the Biden/Obama administration will go after Bush (about 5:00 minutes into the video):

"“That’s not true. I don’t know where that report’s coming from,” said Biden.

Joe, it's coming from the other Joe Biden that is running with you for the co-vice-presidency position.


Anonymous said...

Check out Alter of Freedom's post regarding Joe Biden's faith based answer regarding abortion

Mosquito said...

This post raises many questions and I believe that you are not presenting Joe Biden's statement accurately. The fact is that (for whatever reason) there are lots of questions and allegations about LOTS of laws being broken. Therefore, these issues need to be investigated IF our country is going to preserve the rule of law (THAT NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW).

The POINT that Biden is making is that no one is going after Bush and there is no vengence agenda.
However, Congress HAS GOT to do its duty (which it has neglected to do...i.e. start the investigations and oversight it should have been doing all along)...

Therefore there are issues that need to be addressed and if laws have been broken the lawbreakers (whoever they are) need to have there day in court.

Don't worry two conservatives...I don't see the Democratic Party wanting to suspend habeaus corpus.

If America is going to continue to have a fair and equal justice system this needs to be done.

Leave it to FOX News to want to set the agenda as a witch hunt when it ignores witch hunts that take place under the Bush administration.

Am I reading your post correctly? Are you proposing that IF Bush and Cheney committed crimes they should NOT be investigated and they should NOT deal with consequences for illegal acts?