Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Commercial Misleads about Corning Company.

Update: A commenter notes that the Obama ad, while it clearly implied and meant to mislead viewers into thinking that Corning opened a new plant overseas, replacing the plant in the U.S., it never actually SAYS this. So I have changed the word "lie" to "mislead".

Obama doesn't just lie about John McCain.

In an ad trying to scare people into voting for him, Obama mislead voters about the Corning company.

from the story "Corning Inc. Blasts Obama":

CORNING - A campaign ad by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has drawn fire from Corning Incorporated over its reference to the 2004 closure of a Corning glass plant.

Now, Obama was attacking Corning as a way to attack Bush for "allowing" jobs to go overseas, and then to blame McCain because he's an old white guy just like McCain and Obama knows that all white people are the same (even his grandmother, who he called a "typical white person").

"Corning shuts down its plant in Pennsylvania, hundreds lose their jobs, then the workers are rehired to disassemble the plant and ship the equipment to China. "

A perfect sob story for the whining Democratic Presidential wannabee.

Except it's not true:

However, Corning Inc. spokeswoman Kelli Hopp-Michlosky said those jobs were never sent to China. She said the plant closed because it made cathode ray tubes, and since the company no longer makes CRTs, those jobs were not needed elsewhere.

But Obama wouldn't let truth get in the way, making a misleading campaign ad falsely attacking McCain, or the hard-working companies that make this country go.

"We have been in touch with the Obama campaign on this expressing our displeasure and presenting all the facts so they see how misleading the ad appears. We will continue to speak with them on this," Mopp-Michlosky said.

Good luck on that. Obama doesn't have to apologize, he's the One. Media bows to his every whim. The media will help.

The Ad is about McCain shipping our jobs overseas. Using as an example a company that did NOT ship jobs overseas is telling in two ways. First, it shows that Obama won't let truth get in the way of a good yarn. Second, one wonders why the Obama campaign couldn't find a good example of a company that actually shipped jobs overseas. Why use a fake claim?


Anonymous said...

I'm not an Obama supporter and I have heard about the commercial but not seen it. Based upon your observation the commercial said it re-hired employees to tear down and ship the equipment. Did the commercial say the jobs were sent to China or the equipment? Per your observation the commercial said the equipment not jobs were sent to China. I don't see the arguement here.

Charles said...

Excellent observation.

It's clear the ad was implying that the company was shipping the jobs to China. If they were, they would ship the equipment there, so the people they hired there would make the product that used to be made here.

However, the advertisement does not actually SAY the jobs were shipped overseas; it just says the equipment was shipped overseas.

However, the next thing the commercial says is that McCain helped ship jobs overseas.

So, if Obama was to argue that he never said the Corning jobs were shipped overseas, he would have to explain what the Corning story has to do with "McCain shipping jobs overseas".

This is however an excellent example of how you can make a commercial with facts, and still be misleading.

In fact, given the actual circumstances, isn't it a GOOD thing that the workers got more money from the company by being re-hired to take the equipment apart?

The commercial makes it sound like it was a bad thing. Which is what the commercial WANTS to convey, that this was an example of "shipping jobs overseas".

Which it wasn't.