Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wrong Again

Jonathan at GoodByeFaisal:

The Prince William Taxpayers Alliance is a non-existent scam, designed to trick the public into thinking that Faisal Gill is a community activist.

The Prince William Taxpayers Alliance is a political action committee. It's primary purpose was to provide local candidate endorsements at election time, to those candidates who took the correct position on taxes.

They tend to be more active in the months before an election, when endorsements are made. It wouldn't surprise me if there is an endorsement or two in the next month or so.

On the other hand, they are not "inactive". Here is an open letter from August 21st of this year, the signatures include the Prince William Taxpayers Alliance.

An organization doesn't need a web site to exist, although as a blogger and frequent web user I would have advised them to keep a web presence.

On the other hand, the record is clear. On one hand we have Jonathan declaring that the organization never existed, and was made up to "pad" Gill's resume.

On the other hand, we have the following citations which mention the organization from reputable news sources:
Rollison rolls in 52nd District primar(Potomac News, 2001)
Washington Post 2003 Candidate Information -- Jeff Frederick

Then we references from letters, blogs, and candidate web sites:
Ella Shannon: Taxpayer Alliance full of hypocrisy:
Mcbride for Supervisor (2003)
2007 National Federation of Independent Businesses -- Repeal Death Tax Coalition.
2003 Blog Entry referencing James Young and the PWTA.

And in case those few citations aren't enough for you, here is a link to an amended PAC registration in 2002 for the Prince William County Taxpayers Alliance. This official form shows that, in 2002, Faisal Gill was the treasurer of the PAC.

So, an organization which Jonathan says is a nonexistant one created to pad Gill's resume for delegate has forms filed with the state in 2002 showing it to be a real PAC, references to it's activities in newspapers, biographies, letters to the editor, and blogs. And it has numerous links to one or more web sites the group apparently ran at one time or another.

And the group that is supposedly defunct still has active members testifying to its existance, and is showing up as an endorsee on legislative letters as recently as 2 weeks ago.

Not much of a defunct organization, just apparently one which stopped paying for it's web site.

And an organization which many of it's endorsees are now elected officials in our county and state, hardly the record of an organization that has failed (although they certainly would have liked to have won every race they endorsed, I'm sure).

Anyway, that's what I was able to find just by using the web for an hour or so, something JM could have easily done if he cared at all about the truth.

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James Young said...

Great post, Charles. I've linked to it on my post on the same subject.