Thursday, September 20, 2007

GOTV -- Blacks are the "most important group"

In a post primarily chiding virginia liberal bloggers for ignoring the "Jena Six", Alice at GOTV makes the following claim:

The silence concerning the Jena Six is proof that all those macaca posts were just hypocritical opportunistic rants written by bloggers with only a passing interest in racial justice.

Black voters are the most important group in the Democratic coalition.

I'm not sure all the other coalitions and special interests that together make up the democratic party would agree with Alice. I thought the Democrats stood for equality for all, at least for all those who are downtrodden and put upon by "the man", "the man" being people who make this country go and therefore earn too much money.

But maybe the Democratic Party notion of equality is much like that from "Animal House" -- some are "more equal" than others.

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