Friday, September 07, 2007

Raising Minimum Wage costs jobs

It is argued that you can raise the minimum wage without effecting jobs.

The new Democratic majority, which took control almost 9 months ago, passed an increase in the minimum wage without any real protections for small businesses.

That legislation took effect in July.

Since then, the employment numbers have missed their target two months in a row, with August actually showing a LOSS of 4000 jobs instead of an expected increase.

Of course, the Democrats, who have been in control for nine months, are trying to blame Bush for the job slowdown, even though the Democrats have not passed a single piece of legislation initiated by the President since they took office.

Now, it is likely the downturn is not completely related to the minimum wage increase. But if you win an election by telling the American People you intend to change things, and after nine months things are changing for the worse, it is a bit disengenous to ignore your own actions and try to blame someone else.

Blame works when you are in the minority. The Democrats haven't stopped blaming, which is probably why congressional approval ratings are even lower than Bush's.

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