Monday, September 03, 2007

Delusional Liberal Projection?

In an otherwise unimaginative post about Mark Warner running or not running (something that will either happen or not happen at some point in the future), one of the RK kids said the following of another blog:

I thank god everyday for the heroic Democratic and progressive bloogers that tread through the muck at sites like Free Republic or RedState, so I don't have to. Unfortunately, accountability demands it. Virginia Virtucon, a site so vile that NLS won't even add it to his blogroll, is a site I've kept tabs on .....

I can think of a lot of names for the Virginia Virtucon web site. "Vile" isn't one of them. Vile is publicly stating that a teenager was named after the head of the Ku Klux Klan, possibly leading to his harrassment at school, or calling a dead Jewish man a Nazi collaborator. But those are things from the Raising Kaine web site, not the VV website.

Meanwhile, Free Republic is a web site that is almost entirely devoted to posting links to news stories so that conservatives and others can read and comment on the news. It has no bad language, no personal attacks, and people who suggest that the Vice President should have been killed in a terror attack are banned, not honored. The vile web sites are sites like Daily Kos, Raising Kaine, or the worst of the worst, Democratic Underground, where if you make a post without at least one curse word you reveal yourself as being too much of a thinker and they kick you out.

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