Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Phony War Vets" Comment -- by ABC NEWS

Before Rush Limbaugh was falsely accused of smearing "phony soldiers", ABC News ran a news story on their nightly news show, titled "Phony War Vets" (video here).

Excerpts from their transcript:

CHARLES GIBSON, HOST: (Voiceover) 'A Closer Look" tonight at phony heroes. A famous recruiting slogan once touted the Army as a place to be all you can be. But increasingly, scam artists are posing as the war heroes they never were, claiming credit for acts of courage in Iraq and Afghanistan. Federal officials have launched a crackdown. Operation Stolen Valor they call it. Tonight, our Brian Ross investigates.

They even called out Jesse MacBeth, the phony soldier Rush used as an example of what he meant by "phony soldiers":

(Voiceover) Most of the phonies are spotted by people who really earned their medals. In St Louis, this supposed Marine with a chest full of honors was turned in because he seemed too fat to be a real Marine. It turns out he never served a day in the Marines.

Once I was in Baghdad...

(Voiceover) But authorities say the most disturbing case involves this man, 23-year-old Jesse Macbeth. In a YouTube video seen around the world, Macbeth became a rallying point for anti-war groups, as he talked of the Purple Heart he received in Iraq and described how he and other US Army rangers killed innocent civilians at a Baghdad mosque.

Women and men, you know - while in their prayer, we started slaughtering them.

(Voiceover) It was a complete fabrication.

This is the Jesse MacBeth that so many left-wing blogs and activists cited and quoted and honored as a "hero" for the anti-war movement -- a true phony soldier.

And the same Jesse MacBeth that some local bloggers seem to be comparing to real soldiers deploying to Iraq. We ALL should denounce phony soldiers, people who pretend to be something they aren't, who besmirch the name of all real soldiers.

Not comparing real soldiers to these phonies.

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