Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My last two columns.

The beauty of small theme parks
In which I extoll the relative merits of Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom over such known and praised parks as Cedar Point Park. Sometimes smaller is better.

On the other hand, I just registered over at CoasterFanatics, and based on the number of coasters I have experienced, I'm ranked in the top 500.

It's the mundane that gets you

Where I have the audacity to tie together the missing Steve Fossett, the Crododile Hunter Steve Erwin, Senator Larry Craig, the fight over the Abusive Driver fees, and Warner's call for a token troop withdrawal.

The message: People can get tripped up or worse by the mundane, non-controversal stuff as much as by anything, people make mistakes, and we can't have a serious conversation if we spend all our time trashing people for being human.


James Young said...

I am shocked --- shocked! --- that Knoebel's Grove didn't rate a mention.

charles said...

I cannot actually be certain that I've ever been to Knoebel's Grove.

I can't imagine I haven't, but it's possible.

I know i went to someplace in PA a couple of times. It's possible I've been to Idlewood, or some other smaller park.

My FIRST roller coaster was a wooden coaster in PA at some smaller park like Idlewood or Knoebel's, but I have no record of it.

I'd also have another wooden coaster I couldn't list because they don't have it on their web site.

I'd have a few more coasters, but a lot of the coasters were shut down when we were at BG-Tampa, and while I think I did 4 coasters there I can't remember which ones.

Anyway, I promised the two guys I talked to at Geauga that I'd put in a good word for them :-)