Sunday, September 02, 2007

Judy Feder, Ace Reporter

It's still early in the campaign season (seeing as the election for congressional seats isn't until 2008), but for people who have nothing better to do I guess it's always time to try out for a new office.

In this case, it appears Judy Feder is running for the job of cub reporter for a great metropolitan TV station, or maybe a man-on-the-street show for cable access.

I was tipped off to this new career ambition by an article in the Potomac News last week, covering a few anti-war protestors over at the Bull Run Unitarian Church. It contained this tidbit of information:

Wolf's Democratic opponent in the 10th District, Judy Feder, attended the meeting, but did not speak.
OK, I imagine a lot of people attended and did not speak, but still being the losing opponent from last year's race may make this notable. However, I then saw the print edition, where the article was accompanied by this picture, which I could not find online so I had to take a picture of it from the paper:

The paper noted that she was being filmed, which raised my curiousity. So I did a quick search, and found that she has more examples of her work on her web site, sort of a "demonstration" resume, hosted on YouTube:

She does a pretty good job. She wasn't very good at getting the "other side", but that probably would help her with most of the liberal news organizations in this area. She should talk a little louder. And maybe wear high heels, it's a well-known fact that people simply don't trust short people, especially when they are seen in the presence of taller people, as Judy seems to be most of the time.

In the end, I don't know if she'll do any better at this new job search than she did at her previous attempt at employment, but I wish her well.

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