Friday, June 01, 2007

What the campaign SHOULD have been like

I stayed officially neutral in the 51st district race. I will support whichever candidate wins. The post-convention period will be much harder though because of the actions of a few loud voices sewing discord and vindictive personal and unsubstantiated attacks on just about anything that moved that could be associated with a man they hate with a passion.

But while Virginia Virtucon fell a bit with some misleading stories about convention delegates, I wanted to give them credit for their endorsement, which they actually made back in February and have repeated today. Like me, they are not in the 51st district. But their post is one about positives, not negatives.

And while I am not endorsing their assessment or conclusion, I wanted to highlight a paragraph I do agree with:

We are faced with two solid Republican candidates with excellent conservative credentials. More than that, most of us have known both Faisal Gill and Julie Lucas personally for quite some time. In an ideal world, we would not be faced with deciding between these two individuals. It is truly unfortunate that Prince William County cannot be served by both of them in the General Assembly.

I too wish there could have been two contests for these two candidates.

The also say this about Gill:

Faisal has supported and encouraged Virtucon contributors over the years and we truly wish that circumstances were different this year and we could return the favor right now.

Make no mistake, though, that if Faisal wins the nomination, we will do everything in our power to help get him elected in November.

Faisal Gill is a good person and, having been exonerated of all charges, we feel that Faisal could be a very good candidate. He is, in our opinion, receiving very poor treatment by others in the mainstream media and elsewhere.

Whichever candidate wins, we will all need to work hard to beat the Democrat. The job will be much harder because of the invective of the Gill-haters, which has now spilled over into them hosting attacks on Lucas as well. So whichever candidate wins, the opposition will have a stream of trash at BVBL to use (unless BVBL wises up and deletes it).

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Anonymous said...

It is too bad that BVBL's "Wild West" blogging has got everyone's underware all twisted in knots. It would appear from yesterday's WaPo that the main stream media is tring to hang "radical or psyco homophobe" on all of the bloggers who allegedly "outted" Jeff Dion. If the Dems. use the old "guilt by association" ploy, poor Julie might be tarred with the bloggers' actions. This issue was not one of Juile's making and I'm sure she isn't a homophobe but you can bet this issue, raised by her erstwhile supporters, will comeback to bite her in the General Election.

Jackson Miller got his name off one certain blog just in the nick of time. Sure hope it was fast enough.