Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GoodByeKen calls Jeff Dion's neighborhood "Homos"

After FansOfFaisal posted a brief story about a joint campaign appearance with Faisal Gill and Paul Nichols hosted by Jeff Dion at a meeting of the Antietam Homeowners' Association, GoodByKen couldn't resist trying to run up blog hits by calling Dion's neighborhood gay, I guess because Jeff Dion is openly gay:
Dion's Homoners' Association Encounters Nichols and Gill

Who said that Homos are not accepted in politics? Former HOD-51 candidate Jeff Dion held a meeting of the Antietam Hill Homoners Association last night at which HOD-51 putative Republican candidate Faisal Gill and Democratic candidate Paul Nichols encountered each other. The two men reportedly mingled with the Homoners and answered questions from them.

Gay activist Jeff Dion put on the Homoners Association debate. As Brits like Elton John popularize the lifestyle it is inevitable that groups like the Antietam Hill Homoners Association would proliferate.
This may explain why even the Democrats don't really want this blogger associated with their party. "Groups like the Antietam Hill (sic) Homoners Association would proliferate"? Is that supposed to be funny? It isn't.

For the record, it's Antietam Woods, not Antietam Hills. I don't think that was part of the "joke", just a plain old mistake.

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