Thursday, May 31, 2007

That's a funny way to support your own candidate.

Have the Gill-haters ran out of bad things they could make up about him?

It seemed so, since they started attacking people who weren't even running for office. They've worked hard to convince us not to vote for Alamoudi, or Asim. Of course, neither of them are running. But tonight, things took a bizarre twist, as GoodByeKen (won't link to it, find it yourself) repeated an attack on Julie Lucas that BVBL is hosting at his blog, from an anonymous commenter.

When I still had to read that blog, most of the so-called "Gill supporters" were actually Gill haters pretending to be Gill supporters to say stupid things. Now it seems they've moved on to trashing their own candidate.

You know things are getting bad when you host attacks on your OWN candidate just so you can blame the opponent for them. For the record, the only place I've read any personal attacks on Julie Lucas is at BVBL's blog (and now JM's place).

And as you all know, BVBL CAN and WILL delete posts and ban commenters. That makes BVBL an editor, and responsible for what is written in his blog and his comments.

So, one must conclude that BVBL WANTS these attacks on Lucas in his blog. And since he's banning pro-Gill posters, you can figure who it is that's posting these Lucas attacks.

BVBL should just pull the posts if they are offensive (I mean offensive in the normal sense, not offensive in the BVBL sense of containing factual refutations of absurd charges).

Or he could just ban everybody from reading his blog. Then we'd all be better off.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering whether anything you read at BVBL should matter, let this sink in. BVBL banned me and deleted my comments because I was correcting his errors and posting factual refutations of the more outrageous and unsubstantiated claims.

But when an anonymous blogger posts trash about his own candidate, BVBL leaves it up for the world to read. BVBL has put his own political ambition above the personal well-being of his chosen candidate for office.

This "do anything to win" mentality will be the death of civility in our culture. Meanwhile, what's Help Save Manassas doing to stop the Senate Immigration/Amnesty bill, while BVBL's owner and their president is taking all his time attacking a candidate who opposes the Senate Bill and would be a strong voice of support in the fight against illegal immigrants in our state?

UPDATE: Wow, GBK wanted to get this attack on Lucas out so bad that he got it syndicated three times, under two different names, to the blog aggregators. Of course, unlike BVBL who claims to be supporting Republicans, GBK is an attack blog against a good conservative Republican officeholder (that BVBL allows to dominate his "conservative" blog).

So it's no surprise GBK wants to get this story out, without having to take credit for it. If BVBL had deleted the comment the democrats wouldn't have this to smear our good republican candidate with.

Update 06/01: James Young over at Skeptical Observor also denounces this attack, and actually refutes it to some degree as well (I decided not to even mention the actual claim). This means that the two posters most identified as "Gill Supporters" (even though I'm neutral) have denounced the attack, while the two most rabid Gill haters have hosted and propogated the attack on Lucas.

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Anonymous said...

Well lookie here. Gill won by four votes. First BVBL claims on his WILD WEST blog that some Gill supporter named Junaid Bashir was posting scurrilous charges against Julie Lucas. The charges were scurrilous but BVBL had to retract the acusation that it was Bashir. Presumably, for lack of proof and out of fear of another law suit.

Gill supporters..One. BVBL..Naught..ZERO..Stugatz.

Now Gill wins by four votes.
Gill supporters..TWO

Fact checkers needed real bad. Better call Jack Bauer