Sunday, June 17, 2007

Maureen Won't Support Corey. In other news, Sun Rises.

Maureen, having won her primary, and with no general election campaign, is now saying she won't support Corey Stewart.

She doesn't need any help from the Republican committee since the democrats have given her a free pass, and I guess she is thinking about returning their favor by supporting Sharon Pandak.

Of course, she all but supported Sharon Pandak against Corey in the special election. And it seems she supported Kathleen Seefeldt (D) against Sean Connaughton in his first race for the chair position.

So the "news" would have been if Maureen had decided to support Corey for a change.

But the Washington Post thought Maureen's non-support was newsworthy. Which it might be, if only for her petty personal vindictiveness:
Supervisor Maureen S. Caddigan (R-Dumfries) won her primary election by collecting a whopping 81 percent of the vote. But despite the landslide, she is fighting mad.

Caddigan, a member of the Board of County Supervisors since 1991, is upset because she thinks Chairman Corey A. Stewart (R) worked to defeat her in the primary.

"I think he did everything in his power to work against me," Caddigan said. "He asked three people to run against me, and I certainly won't be supporting him in November."
I'll deal with this entire article in another post tomorrow. There's a lot reported and NOT reported that I find noteworthy.

The article notes Maureen hasn't decided whether to actively support Pandak:
The dispute might get even more serious if Caddigan openly supports Sharon E. Pandak, who lost to Stewart last November and is running against him again in the general election. Caddigan said that she is considering supporting the Democrat but that she hasn't made up her mind.
But it also notes that Maureen never supported Stewart before:
Stewart said that Caddigan did not support him in the race against Pandak last November and so he is not surprised she once again will not support him this November.
Caddigan is apparently one of those politicians who feels like once they had their seat, it's unseemly to give the voters a choice. Given that the democrats have handed her the seat, the ONLY chance voters had to make a choice about her service was in the primary. I fully supported Maureeen (as did everybody I know of, as evidenced by the trouncing she gave her opponent), but now that she's complained I'm glad someone ran against her, even it if was a joke candidate with no support.

Maybe Caddigan would like a stronger challenge next time? She breezed through the primary, and has no general election opponent, and yet she's "so mad" she goes to the Washington Post to allege and complain that some other republican that she's never supported didn't support her?

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Anonymous said...

"I think he did everything in his power to work against me."

That would have included Stewart publicly endorsing Brewer, actively campaigning for and with him, etc. Stewart did none of those things.