Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blog Ettiquite

I do occasionally read BVBL, even though BVBL has blocked me after I kept correcting all the errors there.

BVBL of course has every right to block any reader, just as I have every right to point out how cowardly it is to do so.

But there are rules of ettiquite in the blogging world. And one of those rules is that if you block a person from your blog, you don't post about them. Of course, since BVBL doesn't follow rules like checking facts before posting, expecting ethical or mannerly behavior is certainly out of the question.

I just like to remind people from time to time that I'm prevented from reading or responding to BVBL, in case they wonder why people are saying false things about me and I'm not responding. I probably wouldn't respond anyway, but now I have a good excuse.

Update: OK, I decided to see how scared BVBL really was, so tonight I made two subdued but on-topic and polite posts from a different network to his blog. Since BVBL has NEVER asked me to not post to his blog, I feel no obligation to refrain simply because he has made it slightly harder. It will be interesting to see if the comments remain. More interesting will be to see if BVBL blocks another large blog of addresses from his site.


AWCheney said...

I suspect, Charles, that if your comments were indeed on topic and polite that you will have nothing to worry about.

Charles said...

I won't know because BVBL still won't let me read them.

But since he deleted over a dozen of my comments previously which were on topic and polite, your confidence is misplaced.