Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PWC GOP Meeting.

I managed to attend the meeting Monday night. Once again, I was "dissappointed" as I keep expecting some big fireworks and nobody got up and had a fight or anything.

The meeting was quite uneventful, just the usually little spats mostly about moving the meeting along, or actually resolving things. We had some fun trying out different wording on the anti-senate-immigration bill resolution before voting to approve the original.

We also had some fun amending our bylaws to raise the dues we pay, by the time we were done it just said whatever we say the dues are is what they are. A process that took too long.

In fact, most of what we do takes too long, in my opinion, because we aren't a terribly well-educated group regarding Robert's rules and the appropriate order of amendments and votes. No big deal -- I'm certainly no expert myself, I'm part of the problem, not part of the solution here.

As t o what really happened, check out Citizen Tom's blog entry Prince William County Republican Committee.

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