Thursday, June 14, 2007

Primaries have better participation than Conventions?

Interesting factoid.

51st District Convention, Lake Ridge Precinct -- 80 total votes cast.

Tuesday Republican Primary, Lake Ridge Precinct -- 80 total votes cast.

44 - Glendell Hill
22 - James J. Fotis
14 - Michael W. Messier
80 - TOTAL

Of course, the irony is that there are those who insist that 80 was TOO MANY voters for the 51st convention, and would like to throw out the votes of those 80 people who gave a day of their lives to vote, simply because someone (not them) made an error and either miscounted them at checkin, or allowed them to vote in the wrong precinct line.

Of course, the "primary" supporters who profess to want to open up the process to more voters also got 50+ now-registered voters banned from voting despite the RPV plan suggesting they should be allowed to do so.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comparison Charles.

Problem: Only 77 people were eligible to vote in Lake Ridge, so I guess the election did end up having more legit votes than the convention in Lake Ridge.

AND I bet that only REGISTERED voters voted in the election on Tuesday. Amazing concept.

Wow! Conventions are better!

As for your direct argument ... not a good comparison. That was a county-wide race. In a house of delegates race, there would've been much stronger local efforts to turn people out to vote in that specific precinct. Was Lake Ridge the only precinct that was even close?

Charles said...


Do you have any idea how many non-registered delegates showed up at the convention (17 were approved, but only 48% of Gll delegates showed up).

How about -- how many of them show up now as registered voters (the new list should have been out on the 13th?

How about this -- how many voters who are REGISTERED, showing up on the latest list, were denied the right to vote in the convention, even though the RPV plan specifically said they were allowed to vote, simply because one campaign was afraid about HOW they would vote?