Friday, June 22, 2007

The place at which I "used to visit"

You know, BVBL can lock anybody out of his blog he wants. As I've explained many times, BVBL NEVER asked me to stop commenting, or to make my comments shorter, nor did he ever send an e-mail explaining why he doesn't want me reading his blog any more.

Remember, I can't even READ his blog, much less write to it.

But, and again here is where BVBL is breaking blog ethics, he sometimes mentions me in his blog, without letting me read his comments or to respond to them. And he keeps misleading his readers, suggesting I CHOSE not to comment any more or to defend myself.

In a recent thread, a commenter who used the name "charles" was personally attacked by several other commenters. The funny thing was he said nothing bad, they just attacked him because they thought he was me.

But BVBL came to his rescue, sort of:

Greg L: You may want to pick a different name to use when posting, as someone by that name used to visit regularly and has somewhat of a history. The confusion is likely to end up causing you some trouble.

This is wrong on so many levels. First of all, his comment that I "used to" visit regularly implies I chose not to visit anymore -- he should have said he banned me. And I don't have a "history", there's just people who like to make personal attacks when they can't discuss the issues.

I have no problem in other blogs where the commenters are less juvenile. Even at NLS, it was only a couple of commenters who descended into childish name-calling and personal attacks. Even at BVBL it was only a couple of people.

BVBL needs to grow up, and stop making comments about people he won't allow to answer. Frankly, I wouldn't care so much about his blog except that he keeps attacking people with misleading information which needs to be corrected.

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