Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BVBL: Tom Kopko Hard Working Leader

"who has done pretty well as chairman. ... He has earned a lot of support among committee members."

I was looking through the BVBL archives to see what had been said about a member of the executive committee, and hit this incorrect story from March 14, 2007, when BVBL told it's readers that Tom Kopko was running for Coles District Supervisor:
I’ve recieved word that tomorrow Tom Kopko will be holding a press conference at the PWCRC Headquarters to announce his candidacy for Coles District Supervisor and will indeed challenge Marty Nohe in the June primary. What will happen with the chairmanship of the Prince William County Republican Committee remains unclear, although the last I’ve heard on this is that Tom intends to retain this position while he campaigns, despite some considerable pressure to resign.
Of course, the "announcement" never happened, Tom never ran, and BVBL was once again wrong -- something that never seems to bother his readers.

And there was this statement by Greg L. about Tom Kopko in the comments:

Tom is regarded as a hard working leader who has done pretty well as chairman. The shack is usable now, there’s been a pretty solid string of victories, membership is strong, and the committee is financially solid. He has earned a lot of support among committee members.
So in March membership was strong because Tom was a hard working leader, who had lots of support because he has done "pretty well".

Of course, in March BVBL wasn't trying to discredit Tom to help Lucas get elected.

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Anonymous said...

BVBL is consistantly wrong on many issues. He evidently doesn't care to carefully check his facts before publishing. Just get the "scoop". Take, for example, his recent post that the "Gang-banger" got released into the community. WRONG..FALSE. This post name called folks and incited the sycophantic scandel jackels to new heights. One commenter/reader(s) "Advocator" exhorted the other scandal jackels to go to an up coming gunshow and purchase high power rifles such as the "Yugo-SKS" and plenty of ammunition. Because, as "Advocator" reasoned, he could foresee "Latino/civil riots". Somehow this incendiary post has been "disappeared" by BVBL. I'm not complaining that BVBL took this post down. These kind of "loon" comments do nothing to help Help Save Manassas or peaceful race relations. But if BVBL would be more careful with the fact checking, he wouldn't have to take down embarrassing comments. Remember, it is still illegal to scream "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater. Some one might get hurt. Likewise,possibly inciting your followers, even if some of them "ain't quite right", to possible acts of violence...might...might just get you sued again.