Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vincent (TC) Responds regarding tonight's events

As I often do when speculation arises, I contacted Vincent, who was kind enough to send me an e-mail to post. I do so here without modification. I will briefly add a thought or two in the comment section.


I was excited when I woke up today to take the three hour drive from Waco up to Tyler, Texas to visit some of my family. Eating dinner with family I hadn’t seen for many years, I began receiving a barrage of calls, stating that a hacker had posted anonymous comments on itself, an anonymous site.

The blogosphere is a unique place, where people from all sides of the political spectrum come to express their opinions. While some would try to stop the free expression of ideas, I am a proponent of it.
Over 80% of the comments on my site are from anonymous people.

When I received a call from numerous people telling of a hacker, I did not think of anyone except the readers. I immediately halted comments, and then the site itself. If our comments are not safe, neither are the over 700 different ip addresses who have commented on TC since moving to wordpress.

If I can not feel safe commenting on a site as myself, then it is not worth commenting. If this kind of behavior continues, the blogosphere will cease to exist.

I have stored comments made on my site, as well as posts, but until this matter can be fully resolved have chosen to suspend Too Conservative and have rerouted traffic to Commonwealth Conservative.

I hope every blog ensures that their comments are not for public knowledge, even when personal vendettas get in the way.

If I have offended anyone to the point of hacking into my site, I am sorry.

Please help me shed light on the events of today, I know together we can get to the bottom of this.

Once known, I will be sure to reveal the identity of the hacker to the blogger community, even if it is the last post I ever write.

Thanks for your civility,
Vincent Harris
Aka Too Conservative


Charles said...

Actually, i've decided NOT to post my thoughts here. I might make a new post tomorrow -- I don't want to take advantage of traffic that might come to this post just to learn what Vincent has to say.

Anonymous said...

TC assumes he was hacked.

It could just as well have been an inside job with someone exposing his self-righteous hypocrisy, sick of his anonymous attacks on Republicans he publicly makes nice to.

Anonymous said...


You are a smart guy, but you are too damn mean. I hope, for your sake, that this helps root some of that lack of empathy out of you.

Dean Settle said...

But, anonymouse...
I've seen first hand how paranoid the social conservative group B is.... and my money is on one of them wanting to know the true identities behind the IP information of some of their most outspoken critics.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on Shaun Kenney's web site for an explosive development on this!