Friday, July 14, 2006

Even a few democrats agree DCC add is inappropriate.

From CNN: Edwards and Spratt call on DCCC to pull down web video:

Democratic Reps. Chet Edwards (Texas) and John Spratt (S.C.) have called on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to pull down a controversial web video that uses images of flag-draped coffins and a grave of a fallen soldier.
"I would not have included the clip showing the flag-draped caskets or the clip showing a soldier standing at the grave of a fallen comrade," Spratt wrote Thursday in his letter to Emanuel. "I strongly recommend that you pull this ad and delete both of these clips before running it again."

Unfortunately, the Democratic leadership doesn't agree:

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) defended the video yesterday...

"I don't know why they are making an issue of this except that, again, it speaks truth to power about what is happening in Iraq," she said.

Whenever Pelosi can't think of anything to say (which is often), she dredges up the trite phrase "speaks truth to power", as if it means something. A good reporter might have asked her whether there was ever ANY war in which there were not dead soldiers, and therefore how can the showing dead soldiers be "speaking truth to power", unless she is saying that no war should be fought because there will be dead soldiers.

Or to put this more simply, if the Iraq war is wrong, it's wrong regardless of whether there are dead soldiers, and if it is right, it is right even though soldiers die in war. Judging a war based on the number of people dying is the most anti-american act the Democratic leadership takes, for that reason. People die in war, and when you hype the number of dead, you invite your enemy to kill more soldiers, because you suggest that the war's value is measured by how few people die on your side.

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zen said...

Tucker Carlson was a conservative that said the Repubs were over-reacting and off base on this one. (For all that his opinion is worth)