Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PW Republicans make good show at 4th of July events

When Tom Kopko cancelled the June 26th PWCRC meeting in order to encourage people to show up at the 4th of July events, some bloggers and commenters attacked him either for not having meetings every month like he promised, or for the tone of his note suggesting that it would turn people off and keep them from showing up.

Now the results are in, and it seems that republicans made a good showing this holiday. (Confession: I was not part of ANY of the activities here, as I was in Bayse, Virginia for the week).

From the Committee:

Dear GOP friends,

TOGETHER, we did it! Thanks to the record number of GOP volunteers July 1st through the 4th! Congratulations!

The Dale City Parade was the MASSIVE GOP SHOWING OUR CANDIDATES NEEDED! Well over 100 Republicans walked in the Dale City Parade or manned the booth. Many remarked at our impressive strength versus the anemic Dems! When the Washington Post chose pictures, they chose us!

The parade followed a great weekend of GOP presence at the Dale City Gun Show on Saturday and Sunday, and a very successful Marriage Amendment booth at the picnic of First Baptist Church of Woodbridge.

Please take a breather before getting back into it at the August events below. See you soon.
Thanks again!

I understand that Tom's direct approach can rub people the wrong way, and think that a slightly more subtle approach would serve him better in his current position (my uninformed opinion is that he is still in more of a campaign worker mode).

But I am happy to see that people are coming out to support the republican cause. I am encouraged, and hopeful that the party can come on strong this fall and hold Prince William for our side. We have good candidates and a good message, and with good organization things should turn out well for us.

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