Friday, July 14, 2006

Killing your son is not a "desperate action"

So, I'm watching Channel 7's news, and Gail Pennybacker is talking about the Georgetown Law school professor who killed his 12-yar-old son before taking his own life last night.

[UPDATE: He was a George Mason professor, as noted by a commenter].

The ABC written story can be found here. Also, you can see the video from a link at that site.

At the end of her story, all of which was focused on there being two "victims" of this shooting, she said the police would look carefully at recent events to "determine what could have provoked Dr. Lash to take such a desperate action".

I can think of a lot of words to use to describe his action. Criminal, Vile, Abhorent, Mindless, Evil, Inexplicable, and Cowardly, to name a few. But not "desperate". Desperate sounds like he had no choice, and simple made a wrong decision trying to get out of a tragic situation. Again, as if he was as much of a victim as his son.

This was a tragedy -- a well-educated man killed his son in cold blood, and then killed himself rather than standing up and accepting responsibility for his despicable act. But I have no sympathy for the father -- killing your son is never an acceptable solution, no matter how often the pro-"choice" crowd tells the nation that children who aren't perfect should be killed for their own good.


Anonymous said...

Hey two, the law professor taught at GMU.

Anonymous, but liberal!

Charles said...

Yes, he did, thanks for correcting me. I've added an update in the main post as well.


James Young said...

Sorry, Charles, but if I were ever in such an extremity that I killed my own child, or just lost one of my sons, putting a shotgun into my own mouth would seem like a pretty good option. My grandparents lost my uncle in 1957, six years before I was born, when they were 43 years old. It wasn't until they reached their Eighties that they could even talk about him to me. We're not designed to outlive our children.

Charles said...

James, I agree. I understand why he would kill himself. I was just saying that he wasn't a victim, and that his death was his own fault, not some nobel act.