Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Special Ed

This is a blog that I've had as a draft and I havn't gotten a chance to publish this until now, so this may not make sense since this is the middle of the summer. Just bear with me.

Ok, there is this boy at school, he bugs everyone. But he is especially mean to me. We'll call him "Ed".

For example, he has:
  • made rude and unnecessary comments
  • attempted to kick me in the head when I was picking up my pencil
  • kicked my things when they are on the ground
  • slapped me in the face

So, Ed because spends all class interrupting and making rude comments, and HE GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Because none of the teachers want to deal with him or his parents. Now even though he used to be a straight A student, he ought not be allowed in regular classes.

He never does any of his work any more, and he acts like a 6 year old.

My school has this new hall swept policy (it has been in effect for three months), which states that if a child isn't in the classroom at his or her seat by the time the bell rings they are to be sent to the office to get a detention. Ed has been late to one class ever since we have had the new policy, and has he had to go and get any of his detentions? NO.

This could be justified as the teacher doesn't wish to send any one down to the office. NOT TRUE. One girl walked in the door just as the bell started to ring, and sat in her seat by the time it was finished reading, and my teacher sent her to the office. Also, many other students have been sent to the office for being tardy, but not Ed.

Just a few days ago we were supposed to write a cause and effect sentence. Ed practically yelled out "I pretended to trip and fall so I could push Crystal and she would fall flat on her face." I was appalled. And what did my teacher do about it? NOTHING! That could be classified as a threat, which is an out of school suspension.

Has the school system stopped punishing students who should be in special ed? And if they don't punish those students, what makes them think they can punish students who did nothing?

One time I was doodling in a class, I got yelled at. Ed doodles all the time and never pays attention, he doesn't get yelled at at all.I'm sure if he dyed his hair neon red they would let him stay in school (LOL!).

Well, what do you think? Shouldn't he be getting equal treatment? Even if he is Special Ed?

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