Friday, July 28, 2006

Code Pink and the Democrats

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about Code Pink protesting in front of Walter Reed medical hospital, and giving the finger to an actual injured veteran who disagreed with them. I linked them to the democratic party, and "maura" objected to the link:

Secondly, Code Pink is no more a "Democrat" organization than the ACLU is a "Republican" organization. CodePink is a non-partisan anti-war group. Most of the CodePink people I know are either independents or Greens - they think the Democratic party is far too corporate-controlled or too far right. CodePink protesters were kicked out of the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Well, two things this past week provide what I think is a more accurate picture of the symbiotic relationship between the democratic party and Code Pink. First, during the congressional speech by Iraqi Prime Minister Milicki, Media Benjamin, one of the leaders of Code Pink, was invited by a Democrat congressman to sit in the gallery, so she could interrupt his speech with her anti-war protestations. She had to be hauled out.

Then, during the Bolton hearings, two other Code pink members, including Gael Murphy who frequents the Walter Reed protests, were invited by Democratic Party senators to sit in the audience, again to do an anti-war, anti-Bush, and anti-Bolton protest to interrupt the hearing.

If the Democratic party does not want to be associated with Code Pink, then they should stop inviting them to interrupt official government functions.

And if the Democratic Party voters don't want to be associated with Code Pink, they should stop electing Democratic Party representatives and senators who associate with Code Pink and invite them to interrupt official government functions.

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Anonymous said...

Well part of it was right. Both the ACLU and the Pinkies are democratic organizations. You can add every anti-american organization in the country, they are all part of the demorat organization.