Saturday, July 08, 2006

Odd people at Gore Book Signing

I'm watching Al Gore's Washington D.C. Book Signing on C-Span tonight (no, I don't have a real life).

And I'm listening to the people coming up to get signatures, because some things they say are pretty funny. But mostly it's people agreeing with Al, or asking him to come speak to them, stuff like that.

Then this young woman comes up, and says something about being a staffer in the house working on climate change. Gore asks if she works for Henry Waxman, and the woman says no.

She works for Tom Davis.

Gore asks if Waxman and Davis are in accord on this issue, and she says


Things that make me hold my nose when I vote republican.

Of course, I can't say whether this woman really worked for Davis, or if so if she is properly expressing his opinion.

It's just funny what you here on C-Span.

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