Thursday, July 13, 2006

Democrats Honor Troops by showing Dead Soldiers

Heard Rich Lowry on Fox News with an excellent quote:

"Why is it the every time the Democrats want to "honor" our soldiers it shows them dead?"

The Democrats want to take back control of the house this fall, and to do so they have just released a new TV commercial. The TV commercial shows images of a soldier bowing before the helmet of his fallen comrade, and rows of flag-draped coffins.

In other words, the democrats are using the image of dead soldiers to try to win votes in an election.

Don't believe me? See the dispicable video HERE.

The video also shows a hurricane, no doubt generated by the Carl Rove Weather Machine. And a really sour picture of Cheney, maybe after he was told Howard Dean wouldn't go hunting with him one weekend.

Oh, the democrats complain that the republicans ran an ad showing brave firefighters hauling victims from the towers in 9/11, some of whom were dead. Which just shows that, in a picture with both live brave american heros, and dead americans, the democrats naturally focus on the dead people.

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