Friday, July 14, 2006

Elvis is Back and Laying into Vincent Harris (TC)

A new blog has popped up on the web, "velvet elvis". (I know this through Virginia Virtucon who saw it on Black Velvet Bruce Lee).

According to Elvis, Vince posted to his web site using assumed names and anonymously. If the information is correct, here are the things Vincent said about me:

charles and jim young are both baby killing commies
C to the H to the A to the R to the L to the E to the S!!!Has it ever occured to you that you don’t know everything dude? you sit on your fanny reading the blogs but never get out there to find out if the information is true
When your wife leaves you charles you will wish they were legal

I actually came off pretty well compared to other people.

It will be interesting to see how Vincent responds to this, if at all. He obviously knows what he has and hasn't done -- but to prove this false he would have to make his counter information public so we could all look at it.

I doubt he would do that -- and from the looks of the Velvet Elvis site, that's what Elvis is posting anyway -- although being dead shouldn't give Elvis access to blog counter information.

I don't even care therefore if TC denies this or not (well, not quite -- if he admitted his past mistakes I would think more highly of him), because I don't care what people call me anyway, and the only person who matters is TC himself, and he knows what he did and did not do and has to deal with his own conscience.

I imagine that if counter information was public, we'd find more than one blog inflating their numbers by having multiple posting names from the same people. In Los Angelos, a writer lost his job because he did this on his newspaper blog (I think they called it "sock-puppeting", the idea being that it's one person operating multiple characters).

UPDATE: Something odd is happening to TooConservative -- I noticed earlier this evening that most of the posts had dissappeared, and now Greg L. over at has a post up suggesting a hostile takeover.

I just want to say publicly that, while I give Vincent a very hard time, he is not my enemy, and while we are not "friends" in the traditional sense, I do not wish harm on him.

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