Sunday, May 27, 2007

Notice of a fair bit of editing

I re-assessed my blog entries of the last day. Obviously, I was somewhat perturbed that literally hours of hard work, research, and writing, all intended to correct false impressions and statements, were summarily deleted without warning.

But I have always said that I want to be about ideas and issues, and not personalities and people. There is a time when you must refer to people by name, especially public figures, and sometimes I will do so.

But whenever possible, I like to deal with the issue at hand, not the people involved in the issue. That is true even when, as in this case, a person might be intertwined with the issue.

Plus, my protagonist is bigger than I am, and in better shape, and could beat me up if I'm not careful. :-)

So, I have edited my posts of the last day, removing (I think) every reference to a name, and replacing it with the name of the blog, BVBL (Black Velvet Bruce Li). I may have missed something, or used "Lee" instead of "Li". Some places may not make quite as much sense either.

While doing this, I did some fairly involved edits of my posts, in order to make the new blog-centric focus gramatically correct. I also removed some words, mostly to make my arguments more concise, but occasionally because they were too harsh, or asserted as too strong an opinion something that would be more like "motive" -- I've explained in the past that discussing what is DONE is more productive than speculating as to the motive.

I did leave my speculation about the motive for the comment deletions, because not only do I believe it to be true, it is also a good argument to make. Whatever the intent, BVBL's actions have the effect of insulating that blog from having to answer for it's false claims, unproven assertions, downright nutty ideas, and inaccurate and misleading partial quotes from legal documents.

So, for the 3 people that read this, that is why I have edited all these posts.

Thank you for your time.


Citizen Tom said...

Charles, I appreciate the effort to focus on the issues. I do not think the editing was necessary, however, I understand your desire to maintain high standards, and I respect that.

We cannot rightly judge each other, but we can judge each other's conduct. As you and others have pointed out, Greg Letiecq uses BVBL to personally attack and smear public figures. That is wrong.

Even though you are being circumspect of the facts, I suspect you rightly feared making one of the same errors that BVBL promotes, judging people rather than their conduct. So you took the time to edit your blog and put the focus back on conduct. Well done.

Charles said...

Thank you, Tom, but don't discount the fact that BVBL could beat me up :-)