Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Faisal Gill Endorsed By Former DHS Undersecretary Libutti

Faisal Gill Endorsed by Former DHS Undesecretary Libutti

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Citizen Tom said...

Finally, somebody is talking about the candidate's qualifications. Perhaps on the last day before the convention, somebody will even talk the issues.

This has been a sad campaign; we have little reason to wonder why we find it so difficult to get good people to run for office. We spent so much time trying to shield an honourable man from muckrakers that that became the campaign. Even the Gainesville Times picked up some of mud and slung it around (see today's paper. Of course, it is Republican mud. So I suppose the paper felt obligated.

The most unfortunate development is that Julie Lucas could not refrain from mudslinging. Although she held out until almost the very end, she did succumb.

When it is revealed what they are willing to do to win, we know something very important about character of a candidate. We give these people a great deal of power. We cannot afford to ignore when they fail to resist temptation,