Friday, May 25, 2007

BVBL -- Let my Comments Go!!!

UPDATED to make it about a BLOG, not about a person. Also to note that, a day later, I stll have received NO word from BVBL, I'm still blocked, and BVBL still refuses to send me copies of my own comments that were deleted.

As I've said earlier, BVBL has taken to summarily deleting refutations of his false claims about Faisal Gill. That's clearly an admission that the owner and commenters can't answer the refutations, and that he can't defend their claims.

Also, BVBL has BLOCKED my access to the site, so I will no longer be able to refute his charges here. Odd that a blog which claims to want to get the truth out is unwilling to have dissenters even READ what is being said.

Also, I will note that even though BVBL knows my name, knows my phone number, and has my e-mail address, and knows I read the blog, BVBL has not TOLD me to stop posting, or told me why the actions were. Everything done today was without so much as a courtesy e-mail. And BVBL has refused to inform it's listeners that contrary comments are being deleted and suppressed (at least up till the time I was forbidden to read the blog).

Unfortunately, I had a lot of time devoted to some of those comments. I did extensive research, tracking down full quotes to their partial ones, checking source material. My refutations were good, but I didn't save them.

BVBL still has access to them on his site. But he has locked me from seeing MY OWN COMMENTS.

So BVBL, in the interest of common decency -- Let my Comments Go. Send them to me. Or better, put them back, and fight me on the field of ideas and issues, and not through blocking filters and censorship.


Citizen Tom said...

Charles, I think I hit on it when I described what Greg is doing as bullying. There is nothing ethical about bullying. If you expect Greg to do anything ethical, I fear you have your hopes up too high.

I think the best we can do is refute the more serious charges and laugh at the more ridiculous ones.

The most troubling aspect of this whole thing is the bigotry against Muslims, but that is a post in itself.

Charles said...

It's nice to know there are still a couple of blogs in our county that aren't so "partisan" on individual campaigns, and so willing to do "whatever it takes" for their candidates.

I've got to get your blog in my blogroll. I might have a free slot here....

Anonymous said...

Tom and Charles,

Too bad nobody reads your blogs.

And Charles, you may think that your defense of Gill was strong. I thought your arguments weak, especially in the face of all the public information that Gill's detractors are citing.

Charles said...

Anonymous, how would you know, all my comments are deleted. I had complete answers to every attack made on Gill, and you can't even read them because they were removed before anybody could see the truth.

At least,that's my story. Prove me wrong -- get my comments back up and show me.

Anonymous said...

Why Should I? I am too busy celebrating your being banned.

I see you have turned this into a blog war with Greg. Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight!