Sunday, May 06, 2007

How to Spend a Sunday in Spring

Planting flowers. This is what I missed most of all, I think, when I was laid up last year with my back problems.

My son has planted some sunflowers from seeds, and I've added some other plants and also some baskets.

This is my center azalea section, it also has some perenials, some of which are about to bloom. This is where scarecrow couple was standing last Halloween, and is the location of the deer and pond in the christmas decorations.

This is the tree stump I made famous in my recent article, when it was orange. As you can see I've painted it a mixed-shade of green and greenish-white, and placed flower baskets on it. I need to build a bit of a holder for two baskets and purchase one more basket, and then submit a picture to the HOA for approval. Last christmas this was the waterfall for the river that ran to the pond.

This is my mailbox. I planted some flowers here, and there are also some volunteers poking up from my daughter's science experiment from a few years ago.

That's all for now. A lot of work for not much effect yet. I hope to provide progress pictures during the summer.

After we finished planting, the kids and I ran off to the batting cage to hit some balls. My daughter is now on her school softball team. Now we are getting ready for church (again), and then we might build a little fire in the back yard (my son's practicing for Boy Scouts).

Just a lazy spring Sunday.

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